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It had been months since the ominous disappearance of Pandatron, the one-of-a-kind cyber protector of modern day panda society. After centuries of peace and prosperity on the island of Pandaria, his role had become more symbolic than practical. However the island would soon be reminded of darker times, when the robot guardian hadn't been created yet. A time when legendary battles were fought to the death.

The gruesome murders of several innocent panda Kabu’s meant but one thing. The mythical creature, known in folklore as Jorōgumo, which had terrorised the ancient world of Shoguns, was back with a vengeance. And it had tasted fresh blood again.

An ancient prophecy once foretold that Jorōgumo would successfully escape The Land of the Dead, where it had been imprisoned for millennia by the powerful Shogun dynasty. Upon its return, the creature would use the sacred Gate of Heavenly Purity as a portal to unleash an army of malicious spirits on the blossoming island of Pandaria. In an act of bitter revenge, they would wreak havoc on modern day descendants of the Shogun dynasty.



All folklore nonsense, present time’s degen pandas had asserted... Until now. The unmistakeable giant spider-like bite marks on the poor Kabu victims were enough to send the whole island into utter chaos.

Jorōgumo is here.

The realisation that life as they knew it, would never be the same again, came soon thereafter...

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