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Another day had dawned on the distant Isle of Pandaria. Clear blue skies enveloped Point Tenno, the most easterly part of the island. The relaxing sound of pristine ocean water hitting against the coastal rocks created an ambience that made the area an attractive spot for group meditation among the panda society.

However on this day, there was a gathering of a different kind. The bodies of Jorogumo’s first victims were due for a burial at sea - an age-old tradition among the society of Pandaria, which was still coming to terms with the shocking events of the previous week.

The macabre sight of the small, children-sized coffins containing the remains was nothing short of devastating for the victim’s families who had gathered to say their final goodbyes. 

“We must fight! We need revenge!”

An unusual rhetoric from a peaceful and grounded by nature society member.

“The prophesy is real. Now we must act before the rest of it becomes a reality.”

The silence that followed those statements was more telling than any words. It was the silence of reluctant agreement.


After the ritual, it was time for the gathering to head back to the main village. The silence within the group eventually turned into a heated discussion.

“We must seek Elemental enlightenment. It is the only way. We cannot face Jorogumo unarmed.” 

It was known that the ancient Shogun dynasty had once battled Jorogumo. Unlike their famed ancestors, the present day society of Pandaria did not posses the army or weaponry to fight off the mythical creature. Their only true protector - Pandatron - had vanished under mysterious circumstances. Perhaps it was all connected. Perhaps this was all part of Jorogumo’s twisted game of revenge.

The legend of the Elemental Stones stated that they could be found in the ancient Shrines of Pandaria, high up in the mountain ranges where only those

truly deserving of their special powers could reach them. 

No mortal had ever dared attempt to reach the Shrines in modern history. It was a feat too great for any degen panda to undertake. An impossible mission. Some would say, suicide.

“We must adapt or we shall all perish.”

Jorogumo’s awakening was not the only one on the island. It was time for the society to undergo an awakening of their own. And it would all begin with an expedition like no other. 


To be continued…

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