Somewhere deep in the impenetrable rainforests of Cardano, a bustling society has emerged. Thousands of majestic male, female and baby pandas are roaming the ecosystem, exploring the surrounding habitat with their loved ones and building new relationships with those around them.

Panda Society will introduce each and every one of these one-of-a-kind pandas in digital form, with all their unique traits, quirks and characteristics.

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Our founder is based in the UK & has had keen interest in NFTs for several years. With previous experience of running a niche art project, he has assembled the perfect team for this exciting endeavour



Our talented artist has in-depth experience as a cartoonist & character designer. His artworks have been featured as 1/1 NFTs, and now his unique aesthetic is coming to Cardano



Our hard-working blockchain developer joins us with 14 years of experience in the gaming industry. In addition, his interests expand to smart contracts and decentralised applications


Our dedicated community manager is well-known in the space as KC8 and has been involved in various excellent CNFT projects such as Secret Goat Society, Ape Nation and now Panda Society

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To play, press and hold the enter key. To stop, release the enter key.

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What is the inspiration behind the project?
At its heart, Panda Society is a good old-fashioned PFP project. Our main goal is to introduce our artist Rick’s awesome art to the Cardano ecosystem and create a great community centred around it. We aim to underpromise and overdeliver in all aspects of the project, there will be no fake hype created using buzzwords and false promises.

What is the collection size?
Our first collection comprises a total of 3,333 NFTs.

How much variety is there in the collection?
There are 176 traits in total plus any special 1/1 NFTs on top! 

What resolution are the NFTs available in?
All Panda Society NFTs come with a sub file with resolution of 3600x3600, enough for a 12 inch print at 300 PPI.

Will there be utility for holders?
There will be lots of competitions, contests and giveaways with ADA and NFT prizes for our holders. In addition, all holders will be whitelisted for our second collection (female pandas) - in turn, all holders of a male and female panda will then be eligible to receive a baby panda as laid out in our roadmap below.

Does rarity matter?
That depends solely on you, lots of people are just buying pandas that they like or personally relate to, regardless of rarity rankings.

What’s the royalties percentage?
Royalties will be implemented with a rate of 5%